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Located in Marlborough, MA - just a short commute away!

The Toy Wash offers professional auto detailing services within a short commute from Boylston, MA! We also offer pickup and dropoff services from Boylston, MA.

About The Toy Wash:

The Toy Wash was inspired by a love for motorsports, both on and off road. Keeping your vehicle clean and protected is the most important part of maintaining your vehicle's appearance. The Toy Wash was established to offer a wide range of auto appearance packages, enabling you to keep your vehicle clean and looking new without the hassle of doing the work yourself.

The Toy Wash offers a full array of car detailing services. We are open to any requests as our focus is your Toy. Please fill out the form on the right to request an appointment online, or call us today at (508) 762-4693 to request an appointment by phone.

Boylston Auto Detailing Services

Hand Wash & Dry

The Toy Wash is one of the only Hand Wash & Dry services near Boylston, MA.The best way to clean a vehicle is by hand with a soft washing mit or sponge. This method ensures that your paint is not damaged by the washing process, and does not create swirl marks (which are typically caused by automatic car washes). Vehicles are hand dried in order to prevent water spots and again, provide a method which does not harm or scratch the paint. Your search for a Hand Car Wash service in Boylston is now over, now that you've found The Toy Wash!

Waxes & Paint Sealants

Waxes and Paint Sealants protect your paint from the harsh elements of Boylston's roads. Waxes give your vehicle a deep, wet shine and typically provide protection for 2-3 months. Paint Sealants are chemical polymers which bond to your paint and provide a much longer period of protection than waxes, typically 6-12 months depending on the climate and amount the vehicle is driven. Schedule an appointment at The Toy Wash to have a wax or paint sealant applied to your vehicle to protect it from Boylston's harsh road conditions this season!

Carpet Cleaning & Odor Removal

The Toy Wash is Boylston's automotive carpet cleaning expert. Our heated carpet extractors and shampoos are capable of removing tough stains, oils, and dirt from your vehicle's carpets. This is the same technology that commercial cleaning companies use to restore carpets in your home or workplace, and it's powerful enough to restore them to looking new!

Swirl Mark & Oxidation Removal

Swirl Marks and Dull/Oxidized Paint is no match for The Toy Wash's Paint Correction Services. Using a multi-step machine polishing procedure, the Toy Wash prep's your vehicle's paint for reconditioning, removes the surface defects, and polishes the paint to a like-new shine! Learn more about our Paint Correction Services by clicking here. It's no wonder The Toy Wash is considered Boylston's Paint Correction Specialist!

Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning

Leather is one of the most noticable features in any luxury car, and keeping it clean and conditioned is important to maintaining its soft texture, luxurious appearance, and to prevent cracking. The Toy Wash cleans leather interiors to remove dirt, stains, and dye transfers, and conditions the leather to restore its natural oils to prolong its durability and appearance.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Engine bays are usually the dirtiest area of any vehicle, partiuarly due to the grease and Boylston's road grime which builds up over the life of the vehicle. The Toy Wash's engine bay cleaning and degreasing services are a safe way to clean up the engine bay and prolong the life of your engine. Our steam cleaning equipment and professional grade degreasers ensure that your engine bay is cleaned safely and meticulously, with no harm to your engine bay's electronic components.

Boylston Wheel Refinishing Services

With the harsh New England Roads in Boylston, wheel damage is almost certain to occur at some point! The Toy Wash provides professional alloy wheel refinishing services, allowing vehicle owners to repair rather than replace damaged wheels. Factory wheel replacements can often cost $500 or more per wheel - though The Toy Wash can repair a damaged wheel for a fraction of that cost! To learn more about our Wheel Refinishing Services, click here.

Boylston Headlight Refinishing Services

Have the harsh weather elements and sun in Boylston made your headlights hazy and oxidized over the years? Headlight refinishing can restorte your headlights to a like-new finish - improving the look of your vehicle, and providing a much safer driving experience due to increased light output from your headlights. The Toy Wash can restore your cloudy and oxidized headlights to like new through our professional headlight refinishing process. Through a 3 step process the oxidized surface of your headlights will be refinished using 3M's professional headlight refinishing system. This process is far more involved and successful than the consumer products sold in auto parts stores, as this process requires both experience and attention to detail to achieve its like-new final results. To learn more about our Headlight Refinishing Services, click here.

Boylston Paintless Dent Removal

The parking lots of Boylston are a place where dents & dings are ineviatble! Thankfully, paintless dent removal is an inexpensive way to remove dents and dings without affecting a vehicle's original factory finish. Our paintless dent removal technicians use special tools to re-work body panels back to its original shape. This process is significantly cheaper than traditional body-shop methods which would involve filling, sanding, and repainting (a much more labor intensive, and therefore costly method!). This process can remove most dents, dings, hail damage, and other minor body damage at a cost that won't break the bank! To learn more about our Paintless Dent Removal Services, click here.