How to Save Money on Gas

With Gas prices quickly rising, car owners are becoming more and more conscious of the amount of money they’re spending on gas. Here are a few tips which will save you money by increasing the gas mileage of your vehicle: Check your tires – ensure that your tires are properly...
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Vehicle Dog Hair Removal Services at The Toy Wash

Pet owners know that taking their furry friends for a ride in their car often leads to the unavoidable consequence of dog hair becoming lodged in the seats, carpets, headliners, and anywhere else they may explore within the vehicle’s interior. If you’ve ever tried to remove this hair with a...
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Removing Leather Stains, and How they Happen in Vehicles

Many of our clients with light colored leather interiors often ask how their leather seats become stained, and the answer is called dye transfer. Most leather stains have a bluish-purple hue, which is caused from the dye from the passenger’s clothes being transferred to the leather’s surface. Due to the...
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