How to Clean a Vehicle’s Engine Bay

One of the most overlooked areas of auto detailing is engine cleaning – you know, that area under the hood of your car that you haven’t seen since your car salesman showed it to you and told you facts about it you don’t remember. Well, maybe you’ve looked at it if you have a sports car and something impressive under the hood – but for most car owners, the engine bay is out of sight and out of mind.

So how do you clean it after noticing how dirty/greasy it has become? Engine bay cleaning requires patience, attention to detail, patience, a variety of brushes, a commercial steamer, and did we say patience? Unfortunately it’s not as easy as spraying a degreaser onto your engine and using a pressure washer – today’s vehicles are equipped with a variety of computer systems and electronics, and soaking them with a hose could mean a very expensive visit to your car dealer’s service department – nobody wants that!

The Toy Wash cleans engine bays by carefully  degreasing the engine, and steaming the engine bay’s mechanical components, tubing, engine covers, and any other visible components. After dirt, grease, and surface contaminants are removed from your engine bay, a vinyl dressing is applied to all vinyl components such as engine covers and tubing, which not only gives them a rich and clean finish, but provides a layer of protection for the elements the engine bay may be exposed to in the future.