How To Fix Cloudy/Foggy Headlights – Headlight Restoration

If you’ve ever seen a Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1999 to 2004, you’ll notice that they all seem to have one thing in common – cloudy headlights. Of course this problem doesn’t only occur with Jeeps, there are many other vehicles that are plagues with this problem, and some are more susceptible to this problem than others.

What causes cloudy headlights?
Cloudy headlights are caused by the plastic material in the headlight being exposed to UV rays from the sun, which over time oxidizes the finish, and this is what the cloudiness is. Not only is this cloudiness an eye-sore, it also diminishes light output through the headlights, which is a major safety concern for nighttime driving. Different car manufactures use different materials on their headlights, and this is why some cars are not prone to headlight oxidation, while others seem to be unable to avoid it. Additionally, vehicles that are driven in warmer climates (such as Florida), are exposed to stronger UV rays from the sun, and therefore are more likely to have headlight oxidation if they are parked in directly sunlight frequently.

How are cloudy headlights repaired?
The Toy Wash can restore your vehicle’s clouded headlights to a like new finish, with our professional headlight restoration service. Through using professional plastic polishing machines and a series of restoration products, The Toy Wash will remove the cloudiness from your vehicle’s headlights, leaving behind a shiny, crystal clear finish as if the headlights were brand new. After oxidation is removed, a finishing sealant is applied to the headlights to protect them from UV rays, and to ensure your vehicle’s headlights are protected from oxidation for many miles ahead.