How to Make your Tires Look NEW – (Not Like They’re Covered in Shiny Gel)

The Toy Wash has discovered a range of products that we’ve been particularly happy with, and one of them is our tire gel. You may have noticed that many auto parts stores sell tire shine, advertising a shiny, wet finish, and you may see vehicles with these gels over-applied driving around. But let us ask you this: when you see a car with tire shine, do you think “that car looks new!” or do you think “the owner put tire gel on his/her car.” Our thought is always the second thought, and frankly, we want our vehicles to look new, not as if we’re trying to cover an old and worn appearance with cover products.

With this in mind, the Toy Wash takes the proper steps to ensure your vehicle’s tires are properly cleaned, and their rich black color is restored with a quality product.

How does this process work?

1)      We begin by scrubbing the tires with a special soap to remove any dirt, tar, or tire shine which may have been applied in the past (Not by us at The Toy Wash, of course!)

2)      We dry the tires to ensure they are clean and check for defects

3)      We apply a special tire dressing, which is absorbed into the rubber, and dries with a rich, black, matte finish, just like when your tires were new.

Not only will The Toy Wash’s tire dressing make a significant difference in the appearance of your vehicle, it won’t brown over time like most store bought glossy gel products. We’re committed to using quality products at The Toy Wash, because your vehicle deserves the best!