How To Remove Carpet Stains in your Car’s Floormats and Interior

With many of the light color interiors that vehicles are built with today it’s easy to leaves stains if a drink is spilled, food is dropped, or even wet or dirty shoes come in contact with your carpets (rainy days can be disastrous!). So how can you remove these stains and bring your carpets back to looking new? Car carpets are just like the carpets in your home. You can try shampooing the carpets; however, shampoos are mainly used to remove light dirt, restore fluffiness, and to remove odor. Like with the carpets in your house – deep carpet stains can only be removed with a heated carpet extractor (one of the many professional cleaning tools we use at The Toy Wash!).

Heated carpet extractors combine hot water and steam with a special commercial grade cleaning shampoo which thoroughly penetrates, cleans, and removes dirt, oils, liquids, and any other contaminants which may have been absorbed or bonded to the carpet’s fibers. This is the same technology that carpet cleaning/steaming companies use with the large machines in your home; however, The Toy Wash uses special heated carpet extractors which are made for auto detailers, and allow The Toy Wash to work within vehicle interiors and tight spaces.

The Toy Wash’s carpet cleaning service is the ultimate treatment for your vehicle’s carpets!