Pollen Woes: Keeping your Vehicle free from Pollen

Its that time of year again. The florescent season, also known as pollen season, is upon us. We all know its coming, but are there really ways to fight mother nature? Here are a few easy techniques that I’ve come up with to fight back and keep your car looking pristine during this troublesome time for car owners.

As soon as the winter months are over it’s ideal to get your car cleaned inside and out, a spring cleaning for your car. Begin with a thorough hand wash and dry, and most importantly, apply a coat of wax to help with your battle as the season progresses.

Ok, so here you are, you’ve spent your whole Saturday working on your car and you know when you wake up tomorrow morning its going to be a florescent color from that darn oak tree in your driveway or that maple tree in your office parking lot.

Don’t stress, at this point you still have options to protect that beautiful automotive finish! Your first option is to visit a local automotive store (or online) and pick up an all weather car cover. The key here is to make sure it’s an all weather and not a cloth car cover. The cloth ones will absorb the night moisture and pollen and after time leave a muddy residue on your ride. As tomorrow rolls around simply take the cover off, fold it up, and you’re good to go!

But what if your situation isn’t as ideal as having your own driveway to cover your vehicle in? Another option is to grab a California Car Duster, and some micro fiber towels. With this method, there are two important things to remember when cleaning up your vehicle. First, never dust off pollen on your car if your car is damp. The pollen may appear to be soft and non abrasive; however, with a little moisture it will form a cake, and you’ll be leaving some unattractive swirl marks which you’ll regret! Second, after every use of the duster, shake it off thoroughly before storage. Accumulating pollen on your duster is just asking for trouble down the road for both your car and your allergies.

If you’re feeling a bit more enthusiastic after you wipe down your car, spray on some spray polishes. Meguiars, Turtle Wax, Mothers, and Simoniz, all make excellent products for this, and the application of a spray polish is quick and painless.

Lastly, there’s always the touch free car washes. This can be a lot quicker then dusting off your car but it can also be a bit more costly in the long run. Although touch free car washes will not clean your vehicle nearly as well as a hand wash, they offer a quick and harmless solution to rinsing the pollen off your vehicle until you’re able to wash your vehicle yourself or have it detailed at an auto detailer.

Now that you have some knowledge, fight back against mother nature, and keep your ride looking fresh!