Quality Detailing Products allows for Quality Service

What products do we use? What about our competitors?

The Toy Wash uses a wide range of products from many different manufactures. Some of these brands you may have heard of, such as Meguiars and Mothers, both of which sell consumer products in many auto supply stores; however, we also use many other brands such as Simoniz, DP, Pinnacle, Swissvax, and more! The reason we have so many brands is we want to use the best products available for each service we offer. We’re committed to quality, and refuse to exclusively use one line of products because different product manufactures have different specialties.

What are the differences between our products and the ones sold in auto parts stores?

The main difference in the products used by The Toy Wash and those sold in auto parts stores is strength and quality. While there are complete aisles of auto detailing products sold in many auto supply stores, keep in mind that the products are meant for consumer use. They are made to be easy to use and safe for most vehicles, and often this means a sacrifice in their results. Unfortunately, many of the low end cleanup-shops who claim to provide a quality service are using store-bought products, the same that you could purchase yourself at a local retailer. Your vehicle is a very expensive investment, and at The Toy Wash we believe in a quality service, with quality commercial grade products.
What are commercial grade products?
Commercial detailing products are only meant to be used by trained auto detailing technicians and body shops, as they are only safe for your vehicle’s finish if they are used properly.  All Toy Wash detailing technicians have been trained on the products we offer, and have completed many of the training courses and certifications led by our product manufacturers. We are constantly evaluating new products and therefore continuously improving the results of our services. You will not be disappointed!