Removing Leather Stains, and How they Happen in Vehicles

Many of our clients with light colored leather interiors often ask how their leather seats become stained, and the answer is called dye transfer. Most leather stains have a bluish-purple hue, which is caused from the dye from the passenger’s clothes being transferred to the leather’s surface. Due to the popularity of blue jeans, and the way that they are manufactured (white cotton fibers are dyed blue to give the jeans their color), the dye in clothing can transfer onto the leather, particularly if the leather is not protected and cleaned frequently.

By using commercial grade leather cleaning products and special leather cleaning brushes, The Toy Wash can remove most dye transfer from leather seats, to make them look clean and soft again. Following a thorough cleaning of your leather seats, The Toy Wash applies a leather conditioner which restores the natural oils to your leather, that protect it from fading, cracking, and losing its soft and luxurious texture. For excellent comfort, appearance, and durability, The Toy Wash recommends cleaning and conditioning your vehicle’s leather once a month.