Restoring a Vehicle’s Dull (Oxidized) Paint to Shiny and New

Over the years you may have noticed your vehicle’s paint losing much of its glossy, and becoming dull and havy. This occurrence is the result of oxidation, which occurs in the clear coat layer of your paint, and luckily, there’s a solution – machine polising. Oxidation occurs most frequently when a vehicle’s paint is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. If you park your car in directly sunlight while at work, or don’t park it in a garage at your home, oxidation can occur on even some of the finest automobiles that are made.

So how can you remove oxidation and restore your vehicle’s finish to glossy & shiny? The Toy Wash offers machine polishing services, which will remove your paint’s oxidation and swirl marks. Machine polishing is a technique which we only recommend be performed by trained and certified detailing professionals. Machine polishing involves using an abrasive polishing compound, which safely removes the layer of oxidation from the vehicle’s paint’s clear coat, and levels it to a point where swirls marks disappear. This process is completed using a random orbital machine buffer, which is safe  for your vehicle’s paint. Once the polishing compound has removed the oxidation and swirl marks from your vehicle’s paint, an finishing polish is applied with a finer polishing pad on the machine buffer, which restores the shiny & glossy finish to your vehicle’s paint.

The results of The Toy Wash’s Machine Polishing services are outstanding – your vehicle’s paint will once again have a showroom quality finish. Due to the extreme care and attention to detail provided with machine polishing services at The Toy Wash, machine polishing services are billed by the hour, as every vehicle’s machine polishing requirements is different depending on the size of the vehicle, condition of the paint, and products required to remove defects.

Try The Toy Wash’s Machine Polishing services now, and restore your vehicle’s finish to new!