Vehicle Dog Hair Removal Services at The Toy Wash

Pet owners know that taking their furry friends for a ride in their car often leads to the unavoidable consequence of dog hair becoming lodged in the seats, carpets, headliners, and anywhere else they may explore within the vehicle’s interior. If you’ve ever tried to remove this hair with a vacuum cleaner, you’ve surely discovered that dog hair removal is not an easy task – it becomes embedded in the fibers of the carpets, and multiple passes with a vacuum cleaner will only begin to remove what your four legged friend left behind. Not to mention – a vacuum clean will not remove the smell left behind by your pets.

The solution to removing dog hair is The Toy Wash’s pet hair removal services. By utilizing hair removal tools, heated carpet extractors, and industrial strength vacuum cleaners, dog hair removal has become one of The Toy Wash’s most popular services. Not only will our dog hair removal service remove the hairs left behind by your pets, but our use of heated carpet extractors will deep clean the fibers of your vehicle’s interior, and remove the oils which are causing your pet’s smell to remain in your car.